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 How Does SEO Works

Now we discuss about how really Search Engine Works. What actually behind them and what are the different types of search engine that we have got. Lets get started with it, Now before understanding what how search engine works we need to understanding to look into what are basically search engines.

“Search engine is a software program designed to identify and response questions, called Keywords and Populate the page called as SERP with relevant information available on web”

We have unlimited websites available and we want certain information, when we need certain information what we do is search on the web. Only available facility available for as web through the search engine. Now what search engine basically do actually their respond to a certain question that the user as posed called a keyword. Now when you type a keyword in a particular search engine what the search engine will do is? It actually finds the relevant information related to that particular keyword and displays that information and that display of information that you see in the search engines is called as SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) this is basically how the search engines works.

Now lets gets into what actually behind it? And what are the keyword factor that actually search engine takes into consideration. There are three basics steps that actually search engine uses.

·       Crawl – Content is discovered.

·       Indexing – Content is analyzed and stored in database.

·       Retrieval – User query is fetched and displayed.

Search engine is basically a software program. They have basically consist of lot of algorithms. What search engines are the bots are basically do is they first takes the Crawling, They do the Crawling, Crawling in the sense that they spider is send, the robot is send, bots is spend. So, that the information is actually collected from the different pages from the website that are available on the web. On the web you had billions and billions of websites. What search engine basically they crawl those phases and when the Crawling does it actually collects all the information that it has collected on the web and indexes it. Indexes is it a huge server, it is actually a place where the collected crawled information is stored that is the Indexing that is the second part.

The third part is the Retrieval. When the whole content is stored after indexing what the search engine do is, that information is picked up and displayed for the users when the users asked sudden questions on the search engines. Typing a particular keyword that information related to that particular keyword is retrieved and display it for the users. These are the three basic stages and steps what search engine basically do Crawling, Indexing and Retrieval.

Now there are different types of search engines that we have got.

·     Some of them are crawler based which are basically Google and Yahoo. They crawl the information, they indexed the information and they retrieved that information for the users.Hybrid combination and crawler directories are also available and basically Google and Yahoo are also commander into it.

·   Meta combines all search engine results and compiles into one listing there are some websites called and What metacraler and dogpile will do? They collect all the that is available from the search engine they do not crawl they collect the information from various search engine and they index it and that information is displayed for the users.

·    Directories which are human edited. There are lot of directories which are available of different industries, different niches and different domains. That directories actually human edited it is not automated process. You submit your site to a directory that directory actually stores your website information related to what is the website name? what is the meta tags available? What are the keywords available? What is the description of your website? That information is stored after human editing and this directory are also called as search engines. It may not be a true sense of the word directories are actually stores lot of millions of millions of websites and these are human edited directories.

In Conclusion what we have seen is,

  1. What are search engines?
  2. How search engines work?
  3. Types of search engines?


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