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 On Page SEO[Search Engine Optimization]

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  • What is On-Page SEO?

  • Importance
  • What are the On-Page ranking factors?
  • Proper insights about On-Page SEO
  • Best tricks and practices

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is basically a practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher on the search engine results pages. This signifies that you will be optimizing both content and the corresponding HTML source code and the best part about this it generates effective traffic on to your website. The stats related to On-Page SEO, in 2019 Google accounted for close to 75 % of all search traffic 67 of all click goes to the top five organic search results, 93 % of Google traffic is based on HTTP site, 36 % of professionalist think title tags are more important and 42 % of ACO practices are carried out by internal and external links.


Internet marketing has grown to its peaks in recent days and most of them have shifted their focus from social media email marketing into SEO practices having an SEO them in your organization has become necessity rather than a requirement. Some people think SEO is dead but reality is different SEO is more active and also lot lately until you optimize your content present on the page you cannot push it to appear on the search engine result pages. The more your website rank higher the more is the traffic and also the sales also with an estimate of 46 billion reaches across the globe Digital Marketing is sliding towards programmatic advertising and more than 85 % of ads would be automated this means time management is sorted and also less workforce. So, in order to your website look appealing and wonderful On-Page SEO is required.


What Are The On-Page Ranking Factors?

No matter how good your content is it wouldn’t drag higher if you don’t include the SEO techniques. Ranking your website on SERP is the task in hand, lets dive in further to understand the factors that influences the On-Page ranking;

Title tags Title tags contributes a lot to your ranking on the SERP’s. A Title tags is basically an HTML element that simply specifies the title of your website. It is always that text displays on the SERP which is applicable header, SO what the points that having the Title tags;

  • Why Title Tags?

Title Tags are the first impression of your organization, It is way of viewers looks at your website majorly title tags are used in SERP this is because the audience can view your content on the Search Engines also it is used in web browsers to save your content for getting more results related to the keyword that you are using and also social media network. It gives you the proper recognition in the social network. Always makes sure that you have the title tags lens check don’t over add the keyword in the SEO title and always have unique title do not try to copy anybody’s title or do not implement the same which is worked for your competitors. Add important keyword at the beginning of the title and branding your bussness is very much important and always add your company’s name or your organization name at the end of the title.

  • Headers

Headers are used to dive more attention to the topic that you will be discussing. So, this are use to highlight particular topic.

  • Page Content

Creating a very impressive content and adding out-of-the-box ideas to improvising your website is definitely going to help the audience know about your bussness and the quality of content you create. Linking another article or website is going to benefit you as well as the external posts. So, even backlink drives a quite a lot of traffic on to your website and internal and external links also help your page to rank higher. So, it is necessary to create content that has your keyword included and also try to include them where ever you can but do not over do and stuff your keyword. Add relevant keyword and images to include the keyword in the alt text. Also try to use sample template or any of your articles that you’re writing you should contain minimum 300 - 1200 words in the articles. And also try to use more images in the content a minimum of 3 - 10 images can be added. Highlighting the sub headings is must try to make it more attentive and grasping. An interest linking is must so add corresponding internal and external link to your content sort out your content and try to make a table out of it as it dries more attention of your viewers. So, this was about the three influence factors that improves the On-Page SEO factors. 


Proper insights about On-Page SEO:

  • Research

Before building your content try to analyze and build a storyline of what you want to convey then categories them into a genuine manner and elaborate them look at how that are ranking on a SERP have pitched in their content and try to implement them in a better way. Add relevant images and know what images to add where drop a usage of keyword is also pretty important. So, don’t try to stuff your keyword until you want to use shortcuts like Black Hat SEO for making your website rank. So, research a lot about the stats that justify whatever you’re working on.

  • Keyword Analysis

The building blocks for your content So the more you focus on your keyword the more content you can add and more involving the website would be. So, search on Google for search synonyms so as you can concentrate on the synonyms of your keywords also and do ads just it keywords the more you can get all the keywords under the single roof the more you can rank on these keywords. So, on the whole having On-Page SEO can help you promote your products as well as be socially active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. 


Best tricks

So On-Page SEO is bit tricky and lot of attention. So, having some idea about a few easy ways will definitely be your savior;

  • Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are the link that help you in tracking the path from page that the users use currently viewing. These are the ones that appears near the top of the page and reflects the structure of your website. So, why do you need breadcrumbs? Why is at important? And how do these affect SEO. So, Breadcrumbs helps users not only trace their path but also help them giving similar pages. These helps in minimizing the negative factors that decrease the bounce rate of your website. It helps the users that understand the layout enables them to scan through your website and helps providing better understanding of your content. So, how to use breadcrumbs to improves On-Page SEO? Make use of breadcrumbs only when they are necessary place them at the top of your webpage and always start from the home page and proceed further with the consecutive pages. Try not to link to the current page and style them to make them look appealing but not the center of attraction your breadcrumbs are the secondary navigation so they should never be placed in the primary navigation and do in fluid full navigation path in your breadcrumbs. Tipping a level that confuses the users So don’t try to do that, do not try to use breadcrumbs in the title. As drives more attention and people can gets confused.

  • Meta Description

A Meta Description is an HTML tags this holds an overview of what you want to convey to your customers or prospects.

  • Images And Alt Text

As far as your content matters corresponding images is also tends to drive more traffic to your website more specifically adds keywords in the alt tags. This will help your images rank on the search engines and all tags is very essential in the name of an images. All images should use appropriate alt tags for the images not only all tags goods for search engines but they are also good for accessibility and also use – between the words that you are going to be adding on to be your alt tags try to reduce usage often underscore. 


Best Practices

  1. Add your focus keyword always in the beginning.

  2. Always have a unique title and the description.
  3. Try to include the keyword in the URLs.
  4. Optimize your sheet loading speed.
  5. Have corresponding inbound and outbound links.








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