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Types Of SEO

Following are the types of SEO, they are as follows:

There are the three types of SEO White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO generally used by peoples for ranking their website on search Engines. 

White Hat SEO

The one of the best and genuine technique for Search Engine Optimization with all rules will followed by users called White Hat SEO.

Benefits of White Hat SEO:

  1. Only Organic and Ethical SEO activities are used in White Hat SEO that means only Natural and Genuine methods are used for ranking our sites on search engines.
  2. Must follows search engines guidelines and algorithms that means the search engines like Google, Yahoo and any other search engines provides some guidelines and the algorithms for the users which users have to use for ranking sites on the search engines.
  3. White Hat SEO techniques is must for best long lasting, sustainable rankings and results that means if you want your site rank on search engines for a long time for that you have to used White Hat SEO techniques.
  4. For building positive online reputation White Hat SEO is must that means when we represent any products on our site we have to build trust with customer.

Techniques Of White Hat SEO:

  1. Making SEO and Users friendly websites according to the Google updates and guidelines. If we making a site then we have to used techniques of White Hat SEO while developing a website that is our website will be user friendly and SEO updates with Google’s guidelines.
  2. Website loading speed and response is must. When users visit our website the speed and the response of our website is comfort with users at any device.
  3. Quality evergreen informative content gives best results. When we doing with the White Hat SEO we must have quality content and the informative content which we have to gives best results.
  4. Metatags and Description should be keyword reach and relevant to page content and URL. We must have to use the targated keywords which are relevant with the passage.
  5. Keep site structure user friendly. One thing is must that the tags and the labels are on our site is to be user friendly.
  6. Images and Videos must be relevant to the page content.


Black Hat SEO

Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO:

  1. This is completely unethical process. In Black Hat SEO there were no rules and regulations followed this is completely unethical process.
  2. Violations of Search Engine guidelines and algorithms. In Black Hat SEO there were completely violations of the Search Engines guidelines and algorithms.
  3. Black Hat SEO can provide quick and good results in short term but not sustainable and long lasting. If we use Black Hat techniques then we get good results just for short time not for long time.
  4. Use of Black Hat SEO can get your domain black list and remove your website from search engines. If we use Black Hat SEO Techniques this will be dangerous with our website which affects website get black list or removed from search engines.
  5. Black Hat tactics are spamming tactics. If we use Black Hat SEO this will get spam our website.
  6. Website will be penalized for lifetime. If any of the search engines get our Black Hat SEO Techniques it will get penalized by the search engines.

Techniques of Black Hat SEO:

  1. Use of paid links - We don’t have to use paid links.
  2. Hidden text in the website - Don’t use or write text with the same background colour.
  3. Article Spinning - Don’t use same article again and again.
  4. Hidden Links - Don’t use links which you can hide in your contents.
  5. Cloaking - If we use clocking activities with our website it will get penalized by the search engines So, don’t use clocking techniques.
  6. Website Over optimization – Don’t use stuffing keyword techniques with your contents.
  7. Contents Scams – Don’t make reuse of contents also duplicate contents or misleading contents.
  8. Link Manipulations – This is also a Black Hat SEO techniques.
  9. SERP Spam – This is also a Black Hat SEO techniques.
  10. Crooked Website -  This is also a Black Hat SEO techniques.


Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is not other type of SEO it is the combination of Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. In Grey Hat SEO techniques there have 90% of The White Hat SEO Techniques and the 10% of the Black Hat SEO Techniques.   




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