What is SEO And SEO Tutorial 2021| Search Engine Optimization


What is SEO And SEO Tutorial 2021

Table Of  Contents

§  What is Search Engine Optimization?

§  Why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

§  Myths about SEO

§  History of SEO

§  Types of SEO

·      White Hat SEO

·      Black Hat SEO

·      On-page SEO

·      Off-page SEO

·      Technical SEO

§  How Does Search Engine Works?

·      Crawling

·      Indexing

·      Ranking

§  Tactics And Methods

·      Good User Experience

·      Content Creation

·      Keyword Research

·      Content Marketing

·      Create a Lot Of Backlinks

§  How To Optimize Keywords?

§  Title Optimization

·      Always Use Unique Titles

·      Prioritize Your Keywords

·      Branding

§  SEO Tools

·      Ahrefs

·      SEO Rush

·      KW Finder or SEO Keyword Tool

·      MOZ

·      Google Search Console

·      SEO Spider

·      Boo Rank

·      Google Trends

§  Guidelines


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization which is often called as SEO basically a process of increasing the quality of your website traffic the major search engine like Google, Yahoo all have primary search results. Here the web pages are displayed and ranked based on what the search engine select as the most relevant in accordance with the context SEO helps a website achieve a better ranking on search engine result pages that is a CRP. When prospect search for a particular keyword related tso your product or services thus this increases the quality and the quantity of traffic on your website through organic results. 

SEO is also the process that organizations go through to make sure that their site ranks high in the search engines for relevant key phrases and keywords. Now let’s say for example if you have an article on what is digital marketing in order to get your content in front of right people you want to try to optimize your blog post so that it will show up on the top results for anyone who searches for the phrases or keyword what is digital marketing or digital marketing. There are so many benefits of using SEO for your bussness by improving SEO you can work to expand your visibility on search engine this will eventually help you reach and engaged more potential customers and also you can create more engaging and effective SEO content which will in turn increase your chances of bringing in targeted more organic traffic and also I would also put cross this point search is a big source for traffic so here is the most breakdown report as you can see her 60% of all the traffic on the web start with a simple Google search and if you add together traffic from other popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, YouTube 70% of traffic actually originate from a search engines Now lets say for example if your company is a educational site according to google where 3 lakh peoples search for online training every single month this might be even more but yeah considering the first result in the google that gets around 20% of all the clicks is 22,000 visitors to your website each month if you show off at the top but let’s qualify this how much are those visitors worth the average advertiser for that search phrase spent up to 1$ per click which means that 22,000 visitors worth roughly 22,000 dollars a month just a search phrase guys if your site is SEO friendly then you can drank four thousand or four hundred keywords. In other industries like real estate insurance and all other part of digital marketing the value of search engine traffic is significantly higher we even have called as organic or paid traffic. Organic traffic is something that got out of the content that you create and how you market it where as paid traffic is your pushing them so people can see it and get more traffic out of it. OK. So this was about SEO.


Why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

Well SEO is one of the top digital marketing channels used to generate traffic on your website. This marketing channel is also very important because, it is not only the search engines but it is also about having a good SEO which improves the user experience and eventually the website traffic. So, what does it have to do with your bussness? Imagine you have your own company and you’re just surfing through the internet what could be the best way to increase the traffic on your website the simple answer this would be SEO. Almost all websites need optimization in order to rank on Google or CRP be this search engine result pages in short if I have to say about SEO I would say that you need SEO services because it helps send the right signals to search engines and also push websites up the list search the results which helps in ranking in the first spot. Well lots and lots of people search for things that traffic can be extremely powerful for a bussness not only because there’s lot of traffic but also there’s lot of very specific and intended traffic directly towards the website. Now what exactly do you think works for driving traffic from search engines, Why search engines are very important? People are searching for any manner of things directly related with your bussness beyond that your prospects are also searching for all kinds of things that are loosely related to your bussness these represents even more opportunities to connect to those folks and helps answer their queries solve the problems and becomes the trusted resources for them regardless of what search engines you use search results are constantly changing in recent days. So google particularly updated lot of thing surrounding how they rank websites by way of lots of different animals names recently and a lots of easiest and cheapest way to get your pages to rank in search results have become extremely risky in recent days. So how does it works? How google determines which pages to return and responds to what people search for how do you get all these valuable traffic to your websites. If I have to say google algorithms is extremely complex, I will share some views about anything that is related to Google algorithms, So you can dive deeper into how google ranks its sites at the end of each section. Google is looking for pages high quality relevant information about the searches query, So they determine relevance by crawling your website’s content and evaluating weather that content is relevant what that person is looking for mostly based on the keywords it contains also talking about the quality it is determined by the number of means and also the quality of your websites that linked your page and the whole site as well. Now surprisingly additional number of elements are being weighed by Google’s algorithms to determine where your site will dry this basically depends upon how to engage with your site how long they served for what action they perform and so many others things actually played vital role in shipping your websites traffic and also there is another factor the speed of your site how long does the loading speed take and is-it mobile friendly and how much unique content you possess if its low value content or its duplicate content and so many other things. So, there are mainly hundreds of ranking others factors that affect the Google algorithms considering the fact that you get the response searches and also they’re constantly being updated and refined by this process surprisingly it don’t have to be search engine scholar to rank for valuable term in search results will walk you through the proven repeatable and best practices for optimizing websites for search that can help you drive traffic to your website so this was about why you need search engine optimization for your website.


Myths about SEO

·  The famous myth is Optimizing google but the reality is it’s not. More platform like Yahoo, Bing is depends up on your bussness. So on SEO is not noly optimizing google.

·      Another myth is pay for traffic to attain videos this process is called black hat in digital marketing it’s not about only SEO.

So this were few myths about SEO


History of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is considered as Millennial it is believed that SEO was first born in the year 1991 during the span is when the world’s first website was also launched that is www that is world wide web this led to the launch of many websites that crowded the internet.

SEO very much revolves around Google today. So, however the practices that we have know as SEO actually predates the world’s most popular search engine which was co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin but although when I say it was first started in the year 1991 the story of SEO officially began a bit later around 1997.

So there are few series of event that would justify the evolution of SEO.

·     1993 : Search engine Exide was launched first by the Stanford’s students.                   June 1993 : Worldwide Wonderer was launched.

·      1994 : Yahoo, Vista, Lycos search engines were created.

·      1995 : Look Smart, Exite, Altavista were created.

·      1996 : Backrub

·      1997 : Launch of Google and MSN Search engine was    built

And now we know the SEO and Google stands. So Google is the search engine where you can find everything now even a small piece of information that you need or you want to know something you can just google it and you’ll have the information right away but back then it wasn’t that case but then as google was launched everything changed. So, this is when a CEO had a major twist in the field of Digital Marketing,

So this was about the history of Digital Marketing.


Types of SEO

Talking about the SEO’s we have the wide range in use of few notable among them are White hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO.

Let’s understand each of them in details and also there are few techniques which also come under the types. So, these are not exactly considered as type but yeah we call it techniques which is On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO. Now let’s start discussing about it…

SEO is something which is actually used to increase the organic traffic on to your website from search engines. Using the right type of SEO you’ll be able to achieve this mighty goal.

White hat SEO basically refers to the most up right practices adapted by the digital marketer worldwide to help rank your product high on the search engine result pages of SERT this type is strictly abided by the Google guidelines. So, you should follow the guidelines of Google. For better SEO you’ll also able to more on the meta tag keywords in the title and the body of the content it is also called as Ethical SEO.

So, White hat SEO is also called as Ethical SEO. It is most widely used practice for publishing quality content on the website and restructuring the links and many more. Now talking about the exact definition of White hat SEO this White hat SEO utilizes the techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a websites which don’t run afoul of search engines mainly the Google guidelines. It also focuses on audience oppose to a search engines and people looking for a long term investment on their websites rely on White hat techniques.

Black hat SEO includes certain practices focus on finding loopholes in Google’s algorithm for ranking a particular pages higher on search engine result pages. So, if I to compare Black hat SEO and White hat SEO the Black hat SEO is dead opposite to the White hat SEO. By this I mean to say that the practices followed by the Black hat SEO is totally against the guidelines provided by the Google and its algorithms. Talking about the techniques that it includes or we have spam links, keywords stuffing, cloaking, hidden text and links.

So, spam links are nothing but linking your blogs or over linking your content and keyword stuffing is something that required if you are going to write an article off closed to 5,000 and 6,000 words and you are not able to being add your keyword at particular place you stuff those keywords at some points so that is gives up heads up to you telling that SEO is good. Cloaking is techniques in which content presented to the search engines spider is different from that present to the user browsers this is done by delivering the content based on the IP address of the user agent HTTP header of the user requesting page. Hidden text is something invisible or unreadable. So, the hidden text is mostly achieved by setting the font of color to the same color as a background and rendering the text invisible unless the user highlights it, okey. Its can serves several purposes. So, using Black hat SEO you can do these. So, you can link any of your videos of blocks to any of the platform that you’re going to be working on so using these techniques you can make your content appear on the SERP which is going to generate more traffic to your website and also your get good leads out of it.

Now the next one I have on the list is Grey hat SEO. Generally if I say types of SEO we make use of Black hat or White hat, but also sometimes we make use of Grey hat as well so what exactly is a scree head as you defining a scree hat SEO is little tough but I’ve put across them in certain way that it could help you understand what exactly it stands for. Grey hat is not something that is between the Black hat and the White hat it’s much different from what people say.

Here in this case it is a practice of using legal methods that helps in improving website traffic these are also refer to as devious which could one day turn into a Black hat. Also this falls somewhere in the middle as these tactics and techniques are not specifically presents in Google’s guidelines. So, this is about the present of SEO that present in the market right now.

We have again some types that are On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO.

On-page SEO – This relates to the content that is present on the web page. All On-page activities primarily includes distribution of keywords in right place inserting external links, meta tags description for it adding a customize URL to your content and also images. So, all these are present on the web page and optimizing it in a better way will eventually drive more traffic into your web page or website. Now keyword distribution should be done at the right place by this if I mean to say that if you’re going to be writing a blog on SEO you need to know where to include the word SEO in the entire blog. If you’re going to be using SEO or the first part of the sentence on every other line is going to be making it very awkward. So, keyword distribution plays a vital role in generating more traffic or many leads to your website inserting external links you need not provide links to other blogs or other external resources. You can either links your company’s blogs or articles or also can link something which is more relevant to it, even if you think external source is giving more enlightenment or giving more opportunity to learn about the some other factor that you’ve mentioned you can always put a link to it. Links plays an important role, if I going to be writing an entire blog about digital marketing you need more facts more resources and also more stats for stacks and facts you can either refer to the people or companies which are mainly into digital marketing. So, this is how links plays important role…

Now talking about meta tags, Description meta tags are something that is present below your topic on the search engine pages.

Now talking about adding URL to your content, your content adding a different URL is definitely going to be working for you because the domain’s going to be your company’s name that is ours is going to be seo2021.co and followed by which we are going to be adding the keyword also in the URL right. So, customize URL is going to help to get better view to your article and images. Images should have all tags and also it should contain your keyword. Make sure that your keyword in such a way that it would help users to find it away easily and what you’re going to be discussing about so this was about On-page Optimization or On-page SEO.

Off-page SEO is also required to increase traffic to your website, but it mainly focuses on external ranking mediums like backlinks, internal linking and many more. This is most widely referred to as the activities that are performed on the web page. After it goes live on the internet link building, brand promotion are all the part of this Off-page optimization or Off-page SEO. In addition to this Off-page SEO are also commenting on a post sharing, liking and building the engagement. Brand promotion is always required because branding is something that you should work for from the scratch, even if you have SEO even if you don’t have SEO it doesn’t matter but branding yourself in front of the social world or social media is very important this can be done using Off-page SEO. There’s not going to be dealing with anything that is present on the page but everything that is taking care of after it posted online after you finish writing your article or anything regarding a content marketing you’ll have to link your force to another right.

Now if I say written a blog on Digital Marketing, I can uses these waters Digital Marketing linked to another blog where I can just refer to just writing the Digital Marketing, but not writing the entire definition of it and not giving the exact proper explanation to what is Digital Marketing? I can just mention or put up a link to what is Digital Marketing and then you’re there. So, this is exactly how Off-page SEO works backlinking and internal linking plays an important role in Off-page SEO.

Technical SEO is often related to the part where there is no content, So what thus supposed to mean SEO is basically having the content and optimizing it right so what exactly technical SEO does here it means that you’ll have strategies that improve the website back in structure, Also as the name suggests it handle the technical parameters that affects the visibility of your website on the search engine results pages. So, what exactly this means like I mentioned its take care of all the backend activities and you’ll have to make strategies to improve the backend of your post. So, when I say technical parameters we can talk about HTML CSS, HTML CSS java script now traditionally the phrase technical SEO refers to optimizing your site for crawling and indexing. So, we see what our crawling but it can also include any technical process meant to improve search visibility. Technical SEO is a broad and exciting field covering everything from sitemaps, metatags, java script, indexing, keyword research and many more it is called technical because it has nothing to do with the actual content of the website or the website promotion. The main goal of the technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of a website. So, this was about the SEO and about the techniques used in the SEO.


How Does Search Engine Works?

Search engine basically used for a better generation of results that you can look up to. Knowing the working of search engines is definitely going to be useful for better end results. So, let see how these search engines work technically speaking search engines have this primary function that is crawling, indexing and ranking. So, lets learn about them in details.                   


Crawling – This process is called as spiders or web crawlers. It automatically browses the web and stores information regarding the webpages you visit it, It can also be term as a Google Bot, They help and finding new updated content online. So, this starts out by fetching the web pages that you had looked for and then follows the link on web pages to find new URL’s. the following the trace of links the crawlers will find new content and add it to their index this is called caffeine. A huge database of previously search URL’s that can later be retrieved when you are seeking information about the content on a particular URL. To be honest search engines works by crawling hundreds of billions of pages using their own web browsers. So, these web crawlers are commonly called as Search engine BOTS or Spiders. A search engines navigates the web by downloading web pages and following links on these pages to discover new pages that have been made available trawling is a very process So this image shows you how exactly this works most search engines build on index based on crawling which is the process through which the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Pinch find the new way to index mechanism known as BOTS or Spiders crawl the new web using new pages. So, these BOTS typically starts with a lists websites URL determined from previous crawls when they detects new links on these pages through tags like HREF SRC they add those to the list of sites to index then the search engine use their algorithms to provide you with a ranked list from their index of what pages you should be most interested in based on the query that you’ve provided then the engine will return a list of results that are ranked using the specific algorithm on Google other elements like personalized and universal results may also changed your page ranking. So, in this personalized results search engine utilizes additional information it knowns about the users to return results at a catered to their interest directly the universal search results combined Video, Images and Google News to create a bigger picture result which may mean a So greater competition from other websites for the same keywords.

– Once the spider has crawled through your page a copy of it is stored on to a data center these data centers are massive repository which has all copies of the web pages that were crawled that pages can be easily done by search engines and it is done in a better way by adding a data structure coil and index. It can also be defined as a repository of web pages that are collectively called an index. This concept is very simple if your web site is not on their index it will not appear for any of the searches it is also true that if you have more pages in the search engine index the more are your chances to appear on the searches results. We are talking about the algorithms which is used there’s a huge collection of web page copies of which are being constantly updated and organized So that you can quickly find what you’re looking for but you need means by which you can be ranked in order of relevance to your search term this is were the algorithm comes into play the algorithm is very complex and the equation is very calculates a value for any given site in relation to the search term or your keyword. We don’t actually know how the algorithm is but the search engine tend to keep this a closely guarded secret from competitors and from people who looking to game the search engine and gain to the top spots that said enough about the algorithms has been working out to let SEO advertise website owners to how the improve their sites and also move up top the lists in the ranking. Search engines don’t actually stored all the information found in the page in their index but they keep things like when it was created, updated, title description of the page, type of the content, keyword, incoming and outgoing links and many more these are all done by using the algorithms. So, Google likes to describe their index in the form of something called back of a book or really really weak book. So, why do you need indexing in this process?, why exactly indexing is required? so why should you care for having an index? So, it is very simple like I mentioned if your website is not in their index it will not appear for any of the searches. This also implies that the more pages you have in the search engine in the Texas the more are the chances of you appearing on the search results when someone types a query or a something it also notice that it is going to appear in the search engine results which means that in any position wants necessarily on the top pages alright. So, this was about indexing.

Ranking – It plays a major role in optimizing your website as well So it is a process in which the search engine will pick highly relevant content and display it on the highest position on the SERP. These are nothing part of the content you create that is handpicked by the search engines for better optimize results for a particular keyword. You can also say that the higher the website is rank the more relevant the search engines thinks that it’s a solution to a query. Also talking about ranking, the page rank is one of the best algorithm for improving web search results. It is also considered as one of the ways to measure the importance of website and also in addition to this the website and the content that are present on the first page of the search engine are those which thinks page rank is the best like I mentioned in indexing if your website is not on their index it will not appear for any of the searches in a same ranking is based on page rank.


Tactics And Methods

You should follow few techniques that you should help you in better traffic generation and lead generation. So, here are a few tactics art will help you rank your content on the top of the search engine pages. So, want to be a leader in analyzing and optimizing your content to rank in the first page here are few tips from my side.

Good user experience – So people landing on your website would often be looking for smooth interface and you should be able to provide them with this with ease this is because google only pics those websites which puts up relevant and quality results or quality content. So, for Google to include your website for unique content you should have a good UI and justify a query setup solution to the query that I put up and according to a recent survey it was also stated that the content that you create should be useful, usable, desirable, findable, valuable, accessible and credible. So, these are some important factors that is required to help have a better user experience.

Content creation – There’s also a scene that longer the content hire is going to be the ranking this is the actual truth. It has worked in my case longer the content heir is going to be the ranking off it. Say there are videos which go beyond Levinas and also is closed to five to four hour straight right. So, this content have better chances of ranking because you will be learning everything from scratch. You don’t have to sit and watch every other video that are put up which has bits of content in it like if the videos up to 5 to 10 minutes you’ll have information which is straight forward to it. You will not be revolving around the topics that is associated with it. So, longer the content higher is going to be the ranking. The content that you create has a major impact on your website’s ranking. A recent study that is says that longer the content the higher the likelihood of it’s ranking at the top of the SERP. So, yeah this is exactly how contemplate is a major role in SEO organic traffic is way better than generating traffic via PH search or social media platforms. So, organize your bussness goals in such a way that it does not hinder your company’s growth. Talking about how much you will spends up on advertising rather that getting your organic traffic thing done the average bussness venture spends up to one percent of its total revenue only on advertising. So, if your bussness makes up to $1,00,000 /year you might have to spend close to ten thousand dollars only on advertising. So, think of the better picture your organic traffic is never ending, organic traffic has no end or no death. Whereas if you talk about the money factor here it is going to be affecting you as well as your financial states of your company, I wouldn’t say the PPC or paid advertising is bad but you should know how to push your  content and how to generate leads by them but the main focus that I would say or that I’ve gone through would be organic traffic is getting more views more traffic and also it is leading to the lead generation which is then converted to sales and also gets you good revenue So, yeah organic traffic and content creation plays an important role.

Keyword Research – Keyword is an important factor of SEO. SEO is mainly dependent on the Keyword that you get how to analyze a keyword, how to generate a keyword, how to build your content on that particular keyword and how to make them rank. So, keyword plays a vital role in making your content track. Google is evolving and so its algorithms now the main aim is to understand the intension of the viewers or the prospects. What do they want there interest the search volume of the particular keyword and to be more specific watch search results to the keyword will help answer the queries. Now say for example, the search engine shows the digital marketing has a search volume of 3 billion per month this is a very huge number and you’ll be exposed to million’s and you’ll have to target it very heavily. So, creating a content on a particular keyword or the keyword that you’re going to be using play’s an important role here.

Content Marketing – Content Marketing be a hero of creating a good content and delivering it to the right audience. Content creating is a must but promoting the content and distributing it across the marketing channels is a task in hand but if your company is in a private sector say industrial or educational it’s required to have corresponding articles or videos. Marketing is not just limited to of making our videos and writing blogs. It is something which is way beyond it you can promote your products by using social media as your platform you’re good to go platform and also you can go for email marketing as well so. When you want to promote any of your product say for example If you are in the private sector and you want to promote the product that you’ve created on your own.

Content marketing is something that is related to creating content and promoting it. You’ll have to take the opportunity of writing more articles and make more videos regarding the keywords that has been given to you. Even in this case you’ll have to make sure that you’ll work on the highest search volume keyword, This is definitely going to make your content ranked among the top 10 articles all the videos on the SERP.

Now I wouldn’t say you should copy whatever is written on the first 10 links or the first page of the SERP. You should make a content which is very unique which has more information, additional information regarding a particular topic or the keyword. So, this was about the Content Marketing is one of the technique or a marketing channel which you can go for to get more views, to get more peoples to know about your brand or your products.

Create A Lot of Backlinks – Backlinking is more important to make rank your website on Google lengths are still the number one factor that are determines the website ranking because without these links ranking your website would be very hard also links can be earned through high quality content influential marketing and so on. So, these are considered to be extremely efficient. So, yeah lot of backlinking is also important. So, this was about the tactics and the methods you should follows.


How To Optimize Keywords?

Keywords Optimization is very much required, if you are going to be having a blog or an article follow these steps for better keyword optimization.

Select your domain and target the most popular keyword be aware of what domain to be working on and target the most searched keyword in that field this is going to be helped better content creation and drive more traffic to your website for that keyword like I mentioned selection of keyword plays an important role. If you’re going to be working on programming languages you should know which programming language you should target. There are so many programming languages in the market which has high demand and also which has a lot of importance like say Java, Python, C-sharp and so many others so these are the popular domains in programming languages and also keywords. So, be aware of what you’re going to be working on the target most search keyword.

Now once you’re done are doing your homework about selecting your domain and getting the most popular keyword write affective content on that keyword by doing your proper research. By adding appropriate optimize keyword in your website’s content you’ll be able to connect with your prospects and customers online by doing this you can address your viewers in a more simplified way. So, creating good content based on the keyword that has been given to play’s an important role So you’ll just be given a keyword as like I mentioned java. So, you should know how to build your content based on that keyword. I would say

·      What is java?

·      Why it is required?

·      How it comes into existence?

·      What is it as a programming language?

·      What are its major uses?

·      What are its loopholes?

And so many other things you should know how to build your content.

Next one is after you know what your keyword is after you know what your content to add you should know how to add Title tags, Content strategy, Links URL and Meta description. So, when you work on the digital marketing the success of your organization is mainly contributed by organic traffic which mainly focuses on Researching, Analyzing and many more and the title of your content is very important. So, make sure that you’re added targeted keyword in your title, because this is the most important piece of work on your website both On and Off-page and also try to make sure that you write a title which catches the user eyes. You shouldn’t say that we learn about this! We learn about that! You shouldn’t be doing that so yeah. Also add corresponding links to the topics you feel relevant and have Inbound and Outbound links that help in better optimizing your keyword, Like I mentioned if you have a digital marketing blog that is What is Digital Marketing? If I want to define and specify Digital Marketing in each and every blog So, leave links and optimizing your content and just going to be neat. It is going to be making it look good and don’t forget to add relevant Internal Inbound and Outbound links. Internal linking is something that is related to the articles that is already present on the website and you’re linking it to this page. Now if I say Python, python keywords or Python Blogs will have different keywords.

In each of the blog that you’re going to be writing you can add a keyword which is already present. You can use the keyword in that blog and also link it to the other blog So, this our internal linking works always make sure that you are adding the slug part of your article this is because this should contain your focus keyword. So, this is exactly how you optimize your keyword hope this is going to be proper help.


Title Optimization

Title play’s an important role if you’re going to be strategizing your bussness so even before of your clicks on your link he is going to look at the title right So, how exactly you should design your title what exactly are title tags. So, loke I mentioned users or the viewers look for the title even before he clicks on the link that is present on the google web page So, post title drag more attention a well written title holds the power to the interest of the reader but there’s all are on the side to the audience. So, make sure that you create a lively or a good title. Title tags are important part of the SEO strategy this is because these are unique short and should have the focus keyword in it, This is also the first thing that the audience look once they search for a particular query related to your product, So you need to focus on crafting captivating titles. We have some rules that how to optimizing your title are as follows…

Watch the length of your title – Do not displayed oddly guys normally the search engines display only the first 50 to 60 character of the web pages title. So, make sure that you fill in the right title within the right spot or 50 characters.

·    Always use unique titles – Do not try to copy or plagiarize your content or title all the web pages are unique So customized your title accordingly.

·    Prioritize Your Keywords - According to the recent researchers to set that the keywords at the beginning of the title may also have the lot of impact on the ranking of your page. So prioritize your keywords more stuffing is also required.

    Branding – Branding your product is also important, So its yourself is also important. If you have a well known brand take advantage of it by adding it at the end of the title.


SEO Tools

Tools are very important if you’re going to be optimizing your website and also you will be finds a variety of tools available in the market that’s helps you in one way or the other. The booming tools are namely Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Moz, SEM rush, Uber suggest and many more. Lets take a look at the tools we also have MOZ, Google Search Console Keyword Tool, Google Trends Keywords Research, Woo Rank and so many others. So lets understand them in details…

Ahrefs – This tool is one of the most popular Digital Marketing tools that is used for Analytics preparing Backline Analysis, Audit Report, URL Ranking and many more. Ahrefs tool is also used for our keyword analysis but a sad news here it is not a free version you have to pay for it but the features for it but this tool provides very very very good and also it’s worth paying a buck for it well one of the important tool for SEO and also talking about Ahrefs it is one of the most recommended SEO tools online. It is only second to Google when it comes to being the largest website crawler’s and SEO experts can’t get enough site Aherfs audit features as it is one of the best SEO analysis tools. Around this tool highlights what part of your website required improvement to help ensures the best ranking from a competitive analysis perspective you likely want to use Ahrefs to determine your competitors, backlinks to use them as a starting point for your own pride. You can also use these SEO tool to find the most linked to your content within your circle.

SEM Rush – SEM Rush is one of the best marketing SEO tools which is use throughout the world. SEM Rush tends to be the fan favorite in the SEO community and experts love using this tool. As it can easily access your ranking and changes them as well as also the new ranking opportunities. One of the most popular features of this tool is the domain vs. domain analysis allowing you to easily comparing your website to other competitors. So, if you’re looking for analytics report that’ll help you better understand your website’s search data traffic or even your competitors you’ll be able to compare keywords and domains. So on page SEO checker tool allows you to easily monitor your ranking as well as find some recommendations on how you can improve your website’s performance. It does your keyword research keeps a track of your bussness strategy and runs an SEO audit on your blog or article. The main agenda of this tool is to create the best competitive intelligence solution for all Digital Marketing spears. SEM Rush is definitely a perfect match for PPC that is paper click as it allows a ton of keyword research that helps in Planning, Tracking and Performance of your paid search campaigns. So, folks this is the one of the best SEO marketing tools which is currently booming in the market right now.

KW Finder or SEO Keyword Tool – KW finder helps you in your long tail keywords that have a longer level of competition. The experts use this SEO tool to find the best keyword that run analysis report on backlinks and a CRP their rank tracker tool helps you in easily determining your ranking while tracking your improvement based on one key matrix plus if this is not enough you’ll get a ton of new keyword ideas to help rank your website even higher and the best part of the KW Finder is how darn easy it is to use. But don’t let this fool you into thinking a KW Finder isn’t powerful, it’s a legit keyword tool that a lot of pros use. The best feature I would say according to me about this tool would be the link profile strength. This feature basically tells you how many links you need to rank for that keyword. So, if you find a keyword that has LPS of 50-plus you know that you need to do some more serious link building to rank for that term alright. So, this is exactly how KW Finder works Ok, this was about the most amazing tool that is KW Finder.

MOZ – This is the SEO software. So, SEO software MOZ kept popping up as one of the best SEO tools that experts usually use. Some raved about how MOZ was always up to date despite Google’s regular algorithm changes and others read about their chat portal because it allowed them to always use in insightful response to every question asked whether you are looking for a keyword recommendation or a site troll MOZ is a full service powerhouse. You can get great insights into how your website is performing but also you can get information regarding how to improve your website’s performance. You also have something called as free MOZ ball toolbar which you can easily download for free and it allows you to see the stores matrix while browsing any page. This is was founded by the great grand Fishkin and Gallian music in the year 2004, from then on MOZ is come a long way from just a blog and online community to a giant in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing. So, MOZ is actually a software which is also used as a tool. So, the page optimization feature in MOZ tells you exactly what steps are exactly to improve the SEO of your every single page of your website MOZ is SEO tool improves the bussness as it provides bussness transparency. Comparing your website to competitors on basis of traffic and optimization has never been easy to see using this tool has been made easy.

Google Search Console – This is offered for free to everyone with a website but a search Google buy console it let’s you monitor and report on your website’s present in google SERP. All you need to do is verify your website by adding some code to your website or going through the Google Analytics and submit your sitemap for indexing. Although you need a search console account to appear on Google search results you can control what gets indexed and also how your website is represented with this account. As an SEO checker tool a search console can help you understand how Google and its users view your website and allow you to optimize for better performance in Google Search Results. So, this was about Google Search Console.

SEO Spider – SEO Spider is an effective web crawler part of the free version is very limited. Also SEO Spider was originally created in the year 2010 by the euphemistically named a screaming frog. One of the most attractive features of the SEO Spider is its ability to perform a Quick search of friendly URLs. Let’s see your best practices dictate that the search engines are much more likely to index simple, relevant and human readable URLs/addresses which are meaningless strings of characters. SEO characters can also troll your site to check for broken pages as well this saves you the trouble of manually clicking each and every link to rule out the 404 error. So, this is going to be a very good application if you have broken pages or broken sites in your website. This tool also allows you to check for pages with missing Title tags, Duplicate meta tags with wrong length and any other features which is not in line with the SEO practices. There is both free version and paid version of SEO Spider. So, the free version contains the most basic features such as Crawling, Redirect but it is limited only to 500 urs. So, you cannot customize robots and no Google Analytics integration is possible this makes the lite version of SEO Spiders suitable for small domains. So, the paid version costs more so and it also has more advanced feature as well as the support.

Boo Rank – As a top SEO analysis tool Boo ranked offers free and paid options to track a report and report on your marketing data. You can plug in your competitors to discover which keyword they targeting So, that you can overlap with this. Try reporting on how keywords perform over time to really understand your industry and optimize for users in the best way possible and the most important thing about Boo rank is understanding the things your website is lacking from both the technical and content prospective. As the tool can identify duplicate content downtime and security issues and guidelines on how to fix them. So, BOO Rank is one of the top listed analysis tool for SEO.

Google Trends – Google Trends is also one of the most useful Digital Marketing or SEO tool. So, Google Trends has been around with us for years and never has been underutilized not only it gives you the information regarding a keyword but also it offers great insights into trends about the topic which can be invaluable at the stage of bussness truth. Search for keywords in any country and receive information around it like Top queries, Rising queries, Interest over time and Geographical location depending on the interest of your viewers. If you are not sure which SEO keywords are the ones for you this is the best SEO tool you can use this tool helps you give you the insights of a particular keyword and also lets you know that there are not many blogs or videos regarding that keyword. So, that it can increase the number of views and also it can increase the traffic to your website. So, these are the tools which you should consider using if you’re going to be working on SEO.



The guidelines you should follow to create the better content and also optimize it.

Create content that is extremely relevant to the focus keyword.

Do not beat around the bush in this case if you’re going to be working on one content one keyword, you should know how to work your way around it, you should add relevant topics related to that keyword and then do the stuffing part.

Write a small introduction to the topic.

This is also called as Meta Description. So, in this don’t forget to add your keyword so I likes I mentioned a Meta Description also plays an important role in generating traffic to your website. So, do consider writing a small introduction to it.

Proper usage of header tags.

Use the different header for the headings and also the sub topics as well. For examples if you have topics that is being listed and for the first topic you have some two to three subtopics under it. So, the first header should be H2 and then the subtopics are present put them in H3 and if those subtopics have further topics to be discussed put them in H4 and H5 have a proper usages of header tags.

Add appropriate images.

Don’t forget to add images because images plays an important role if you’re going to be making videos and or blogs and also if you’re going to be making PPT’s, if you’re going to be making presentation to somebody who’s interested in your product you should know how to add images relevant to the topics. Add all tags to your images even in this case add your focus keyword here. So, all tags are included in your blogs if you’re going to be writing blogs regarding a topic and you want to add an image to it all tags are required in which you need to have a focus keyword.

Internal linking is a must.

This is a very important factor which helps in ranking the relevant pages.

Readability is always should be good.

If you’re writing a blog the readability of blog the blog should be very very good and the sentence formation should be very simple. It shouldn’t be complicated, it shouldn’t make the reader think that you’re just adding a few words to make a sentence that shouldn’t be the case. So, readability should be good you should be up to date with the topic or the trends and also you should know how to work your way around in creating your content.

So, these are the few guidelines which are useful while writing a blog.         



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